Horkasai, Taste of Taiping Town

‘Horkasai’ – is a drink made from local coffee mixed with cocoa, it is a fusion drink that has respective brewing flavor, thus it becomes the most distinctive drink of the Taiping Town.

Taiping Tin Mining

According to legend after ‘The War of Larut’, the miners and fishermen believed it could provide a positive energy to fight against fatigue, they felt full of energy after drinking ‘Horkasai’, just like tiger’s power that can defeat the lion – thus they named it this symbolic name ‘Horkasai’, literally in Hokkien means Tiger bites Lion.

Taiping Horkasai
Famous Taiping Horkasai

 150 years later, Horkasai is still the favorite drink of Taiping people. Whenever children of Taiping came back to hometown from studies or works, they all went down to coffee shop for a cup of ‘Horkasai’, the taste of Taiping Town.

Bosland Taiping Horkasai

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